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Foresters Financial | Build credibility and trust

This November lets raise awareness about the impact diabetes has on the 28.5 million¹ Americans who live with the condition. Build credibility and trust by flexing your diabetes knowledge. Join us and San Francisco-based nonprofit diaTribe to advocate for people living with diabetes and pre-diabetes. Read more

Legal & General | Enhancement Update 

Preview Policy packet feature during offer process and see the electrocardiogram (EKG) ordering requirements change. Read more

Mutual of Omaha | October Express Update 

Discover how training is simplified: Mutual Perks, the potential power of index loans with income advantage IUL, upcoming rate adjustments, and the marketing materials available. Read more

F&G Anuuities & Life | At-a-Glance F&G Pathsetter

Learn the exam-free underwriting, charges & fees, interest crediting options and death benefits. Read more

Libery Bankers | Final Expense program overview 

Discover the agent added value, available policy riders for simpl preferred and standard only, and the application process for final expense. Read more

Foresters Financial | Affordable Childrens Whole Life Insurance 

Learn the built-in benefits, charity benefit provision, minimum premiums, and issue ages. Read more

Legal & General | The long term solution 

Give your clients the option to buy simple term life insurance protection that can cover them into retirement and beyond. Read more

North American | DIME worksheet 

Your financial security may affect your loved ones more than it affects you. A needs analysis can provide a snapshot of your current and future needs to help answer the question, “How much life insurance do I need in the event of my spouse’s death?” And the best part? This version is so simple, it can be done on the back of a napkin! Read more

Pacific Life | Affordable Guaranteed Universal Life insurance for the Broad Market 

Competitive Level Premiums with no-cost return of Premium. Learn about the affordable Guaranteed Coverage with Financial Flexibility for the Future. Read more

Starting the Conversation | Business Life Insurance Script 

Have a plan when starting the Business Life Insurance conversation. Learn what next steps to take from the experts. Read more

Life Happens | Customizable Business Life Insurance 

As a small-business owner or partner, you may wonder what would happen to your business should anything happen to you. You may feel you have the answers, but before you take that leap of faith, take a look at some common myths. Read more

Final Expense Tele-Sales Script

Make sure you smile and be enthusiastic. You have approximately 30 seconds to make an impression and get the person’s attention. Read more

Bestow – Notice of Termination of the General Agent Agreement

For those of you currently contracted with Bestow, you received a notice of termination on October 28th. Unfortunately, Bestow has made the decision to terminate agent contracts, on December 30th, 2022. Read more.

LTCI Awareness Month is Here!

While Life Happens does not oversee or coordinate this campaign, we think it’s important to support our members who work with this product. Read more

Nationwide | WA and Beyond - What's Next with State-Mandated LTC Programs? 

Join us November 9th, at 11am EST for a webinar on the WA Cares Fund. This fund was the first state-mandated and publicly-funded LTC insurance program in the nation to be passed – though implementation is delayed until July 1, 2023. Register now

Lead Concepts monthly newsletter | Repositioning Your Brand & Repurposing Content

As an agent, you are more than a salesperson, and you are more than a small business; you are a brand; a living, breathing narrative that you write each day. You have a pipeline that is also a living and breathing narrative that you write day in and day out. Read more

11/3 The Life Insurance Professional as Estate Planner 

During this presentation you will learn what is an estate, what is estate planning, and what are the 3 ways property can transfer at death. In addition we’ll discuss the five essential estate planning documents that all adults should have and how every sale of a life insurance policy impacts your client’s estate plan. Register now

American National | Retirement related facts to share with clients 

The two greatest questions future retirees have are: where will I get my cash flow from and will I have enough to retire on? One of the greatest areas to find business is in retirement planning. Anyone nearing retirement has a million questions and needs to feel they are receiving the information they need to make decisions. With life insurance and annuities, American National can provide your clients the products they need to complete a successful retirement. Register now

Illinois Mutual | Add DI to Your Life Sales

Take a look at your life insurance business from the past 6 months. Do these clients have income protection? You can earn strong renewal commissions by cross-selling DI to your life clients. Register now

Life Markets Video Archives

American National Insurance Company | Holiday Cash Bonus Annuity Sales (qualify through 12/31)

From October 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022 you will have the opportunity to earn up to $3,000 in bonuses through annuity sales. Read more

American National Insurance Company | Holiday Cash Bonus Life Sales (qualify through 12/31)

From October 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022 you will have the opportunity to earn up to $3,000 in bonuses through life sales. Read more

Illinois Mutual | Worksite Quarterly Bonus Reminder (qualify through 12/31)

Qualify for our Worksite quarterly bonus by submitting employer group cases with applications totaling a minimum of $1,500 paid annualized premium per case. Read more

Life Markets Leads Program

Do you need leads? We have access to fresh, exclusive, leads within your own defined territory. Read more.