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  • 03/31  Easter

End of Q1


  • 04/01  Forms 1094-C/1095-C are due to be e-filed with the IRS  
               International Fun at Work Day (aka) April Fool’s Day
  • 04/15  Tax Day
                Forms 7004 and 8928 filing deadline
  • 04/24  Administrative Professionals Day
  • 04/30  Quarterly forms 720 & 941 due

Compliance Calendar

Capital Blue Cross | March Producer insights

Catch up on the latest CAA drug cost reporting, health equity webinar recap and questionnaire for members, Waived enrollment fee for flexible, affordable gym packages and National Sleep Awareness Week. Read more

Capital Blue Cross | More for health equity

To better support our members, Capital Blue Cross is taking steps to collect health equity data to help us record members’ cultural and linguistic needs, share those preferences with their providers, develop more inclusive programs and services, educate our workforce, and more respectfully engage with the people and communities we serve. Read more

Highmark Update | Carved out stop loss reporting

Carved out Stop Loss reporting (non HMIG) is being transitioned to the Analytics Navigator reporting platform. Currently, Stop Loss Paid Claims reports are run on an internal scheduler and are delivered either to e-delivery folders for pick up, or are directly delivered to Highmark Client Managers to distribute. Read more

Highmark Update | Helping participating providers after change Healthcare Cyber event

Change Healthcare (a healthcare technology company) recently announced they had been compromised by a cyber event. Change Healthcare disconnected its systems to prevent further impact, and as a result, some providers that use Change Healthcare services were prevented from processing and submitting prescription drug and medical claims to insurance companies – including Highmark – for payment. Read more

Highmark Update | Revision to earlier communication

Please note the revision made to the email sent earlier. The per contract incentive amount for sold clients with incumbent renewals that are a reduction to 4.99% was increased to $30 this year! Read more

UPMC Health Plan | Consolidated Appropriations Act Section 204 Data Collection – June 2024 Reporting Deadline

Section 204 of the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) of 2021 and its implementing regulations require health insurance issuers and group health plans to report certain information regarding prescription drugs and health care spending (also known as RxDC reporting) to the U.S. Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Treasury (the “Departments”). Read more

Vitori Health | Do you have a transparent, cost-effective Rx program? Find out

Is your prescription drug plan cost effective and transparent? Does it help you and your members save money on prescriptions, including specialty medications? Compare your PBM to VitoriRx and reduce costs 40% or more. Read more

Aetna 's Tuesday Tidbits schedule 2024

We’re excited to invite you to join us on Tuesday mornings throughout the year from 9:00 – 9:15 a.m. for a bite-size discussion with your Aetna Small Group sales executives. Hear how we can work together to benefit you and your clients. Register now

3/25 Turnkey Solutions for Employer Groups: Benefits Technology

Join PES & URL for a 4-part series on Turnkey Solutions for all of your Employer Groups. Within our Benefits Technology Part One webinar we will go through: 

  • Planning & Implementation
  • Custom Built Platforms 
  • In-house Data & Tech Team Support

Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights and strategies to enhance your benefits technology solutions! Register now

4/11 CE Course: Ethics & Compliance

Join us for an informative Continuing Education (CE) webinar on Ethics & Compliance in the insurance industry, scheduled for April 11th at 10 am. This comprehensive session will delve into the vital aspects of integrity, exploring what it is and why it is crucial in the insurance landscape.
Key Topics Include:

  • Integrity: what it is and why needed
  • Ethics: insurance industry/agency/disclosure
  • Confidentiality/privacy
  • Regulatory requirements: licensing & state regulations
  • Regulation of competition
  • Federal criminal convictions
  • Health & life investigations
  • Unfair practices
  • Marketing & advertising: solicitation, proposals, applications
  • Compensation
  • Fraud

This webinar is designed to provide insurance professionals with a comprehensive understanding of ethical considerations and compliance requirements. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your knowledge and ensure your practices align with the highest ethical standards. Register now

4/16 Turnkey Solutions for Employer Groups: Benefits Education

JJoin PES & URL for a 4-part series on Turnkey Solutions for all of your Employer Groups. Within our Benefits Education Part Two webinar we will go through: 

  • Face-to-Face Enrollment Benefits Education Center (In-House Call Center) 
  • Platform agnostic 
  • Self Service Enrollment Multilingual Services Core & Voluntary    
  • Licensed Benefit Counselors 
  • HIPAA Certification New Hire Onboarding Customized Communication Campaigns

Join us for an enlightening session on optimizing your benefits education and enrollment processes to empower your employer groups. Register now

4/29 Turnkey Solutions for Employer Groups: Virtual Care

Join PES & URL for a 4-part series on Turnkey Solutions for all your Employer Groups. Within our Virtual Care Part Three webinar we will go through: 

  • Offered by AllyHealth,a Division of PES 
  • Telemedicine Mental Health Counseling Employee Assistance Program 
  • Health & Wellness Coaching 
  • Primary Virtual Care (2024 Target)

Get the latest information and details to meet the diverse needs of Employer Groups in 2024 and beyond. Register now

4/30 Dental Insurance… Should I be offering it to my clients?

Join us for a comprehensive webinar on April 30th at 10am where we'll delve into the dynamic landscape of the dental market. We will: Explore lucrative opportunities within the dental insurance world, examine Ameritas plans and the seamless enrollment process, and strategize on leveraging powerful marketing resources to amplify your book of business. As an added bonus, attendees participating in the live session will not only gain invaluable insights but also receive an exclusive CE voucher, ensuring your ongoing professional growth. Register now

5/13 Turnkey Solutions for Employer Groups: Benefits Navigator App

Join PES & URL for a 4-part series on Turnkey Solutions for all of your Employer Groups. Within our Benefits Navigator App Part Four webinar we will go through: 

  • One stop shop for benefits 
  • White labeling Customizable tiles 
  • Ability to add enrollment tile for benefit admin system 
  • RX Savings tool built in Benefit wallet for cards 
  • Push notifications for improved communication Message Center

Discover how our Benefits Navigator App streamlines benefits administration with customizable features, ensuring seamless communication and significant cost savings for all your employer groups. Register now

5/16 Carrier Connection: UnitedHealthcare

On May 16th at 10 am, take the opportunity to connect with your broker managers alongside UHC as they delve into an in-depth review of their PA products, including the innovative Jarvis platform and invaluable agent tool kits. Gain valuable insights and updates on navigating the intricacies of the special enrollment period, ensuring you're equipped to provide the best guidance and support to your clients. Don't miss out on this informative webinar designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools necessary for success in the dynamic healthcare landscape. Register now

Jefferson Health Plans | Compensation Opportunity for 2024

See how you can earn a very healthy $60 bonus on each app with the Broker commission and bonus program. Also, as a reminder the $50 HRA is available for every application/member. Read more

Highmark | 2024 incentive (qualify through 1/1/25)

Introducing the 2024 new to Highmark incentive! This Incentive applies to Small Group (2-50) and Large Group (51+) clients in Pennsylvania. Read more

UPMC Health Plan | Individual & Family Bonus Program (qualify through 1/1/25)

UPMC Health Plan is pleased to announce a producer bonus program for those who enroll new members in UPMC Individual Advantage, UPMC VirtualCare or UPMC First Care plans with an effective date in 2024. Earn up to $100 per member! Read more

UPMC Health Plan | New Business Producer Incentive Program (qualify through 4/1/24)

If you sell any new employer group in the 51-99 or 100+ market segments with a Jan. 1 to April 1, 2024, effective date, you will receive an incentive of $300 per contract. Read more

Pennie | The Path to Pennie Program is back for those seeking coverage for 2024!

Pennie and the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue created a way for anyone without health coverage to be connected with Pennie when they file their taxes. Tax filers do so by filling out tax form ‘REV-1882 ‘Health Insurance Coverage Information Request’ when they complete their Pennsylvania state income tax return. Read more

Pennie | 2024 Assister & broker recertification due 

Pennie-Certified Assisters & Brokers must complete annual training to continue certification into 2024. Please note, customers cannot be restored after decertification. Read more

Pennie | Community Workgroup Newsletter

In lieu of a Pennie Community Workgroup (PCW) webinar for July, we are sending this newsletter with updates and information on Pennie’s current and upcoming initiatives. Read more

Pennie Toolkit: Loss of Medical Assistance

Starting April 1st, all Medical Assistance (MA) and CHIP recipients must complete an annual renewal to keep coverage. Pennie is here to ensure continuous coverage for Pennsylvanians that have lost or are losing MA coverage, but we need your help! Read more.

Family Glitch Fixed, More Savings Now Available at Pennie

Under new federal rules, Pennie can now provide savings to more Pennsylvanians! Read more

Pennie | Broker Workgroup