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AIG | Tie Payments to Social Security Deposits!

Safeguard your commission by aligning premium payments to Social Security deposits. Read more.

Cincinnati | Update to Termsetter Guaranteed Level Term Portfolio.

Cincinnati Life has applied an overall rate update and issue age range revision to the guaranteed level term portfolio. Highly competitive products backed by a financially strong company makes Termsetter an excellent choice for protecting your client’s financial future. Read more.

Foresters | Let’s Talk Retirement

What do most clients want at retirement? Financial security, good health, and opportunities to give back, meet people, and have fun. You can help in two steps. Read more.

Foresters | Let’s Talk College Planning

Education planning is about more than savings and investments. It’s about ensuring that children have the opportunity to get an education, no matter what life throws their way. Read more.

Illinois Mutual | A Perfect Pair for Business Owners

Our Business Owner flyer (C9713) helps you introduce DI and BE to small business owners who could use protection for their personal income and business expenses. Read more.

Legal and General | Single Application Entry for Multiple Policies

Now available: Single application entry for multiple policies. Now advisors and clients will experience a faster multi-policy application process with the Horizon Experience. Read more.

Legal and General | How the Pros Grow

Growing your business means different things to everyone – and we embrace that. That’s why it’s our goal to provide you, our partners, with an array of the best tools possible to grow your business as you see fit. Read more.

Legal and General | Exciting Leadership Announcement

Please join LGA in congratulating Fred Tavan on his promotion to Senior Vice President & Chief Pricing Officer. Since Fred joined Legal & General America (LGA) a year ago, he has made a significant impact by innovating the way we do business while further growing and strengthening the team. Read more.

North American | Updated Term Conversion Privileges

North American is updating the conversion privileges for new sales of ADDvantage Term. These changes put us in line with industry standards while also ensuring our products are aligned with the long-term focus you have come to expect from North American. Read more.

North American | Still Strong, Still Stable

In today's world, working with a strong and stable company has never mattered more. Use our company strength brochure, updated with new data, to help show clients why they can have confidence in North American. Read more.

Protective | Lower Term Prices Are Just The Beginning

We know you’re a pro when it comes to life insurance sales — but there’s always room for growth. Take advantage of our recent reprice on Protective Classic Choice term to drive your sales even higher this year, while helping more people achieve the reliable protection they deserve. Read more.

AIG | Fast Start Bonus Program

Earn up to $500 extra on sales of SimpliNow Legacy – our new SIWL life insurance product. Read more.

American-Amicable/ Occidental | 2023 Convention - Buenos Aires, Argentina  (qualify through 12/31)

From January 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022 you will have the opportunity to qualify for 4 - 5 nights in Buenos Aires, Argentina with American-Amicable's 2023 convention. Club “40”, which includes the top 25 Producers and the top 15 IMOs and/or General Agents, will receive special recognition and awards. Read more.

Americo | Earn Additional UFirst Credits with Agent Tools eApp (qualify through 5/31)

From March 1, 2022 through May 31, 2022, any final expense application submitted and paid through the new Agent Tools eApplication will receive an additional 25% UFirst Credits. Earn 45,000 UFirst Credits during the qualification period and receive a cash bonus in June! Read more.

Foresters | Foresters Financial Convention 2023 (qualify through 12/31)

From January 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022 your Foresters Financial production efforts can earn you the chance to celebrate your crowning achievement in Vienna and Prague April 21 - 26. Read more.

Liberty Bankers | 2023 Norwegian Cruise (qualify through 12/31)

From January 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022 qualified agents have a chance to win a Norwegian Cruise in 2023 from July 22nd through 29th. Read more

Transamerica | 2023 Convention - Montage Palmetto Bluff (qualify through 12/31)

From January 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022 qualified agents have the chance to join Transamerica in 2023 between April 17 - 21st in Bluffton, SC at Montage palmetto Bluff. Make us your carrier of choice in 2022 and reap the rewards in 2023!  Read more

Life Markets Leads Program

Do you need leads? We have access to fresh, exclusive, leads within your own defined territory. Read more.

Foresters | Get In Front of More New Clients

Get the tools you need to reach new clients and help more people. Getting in front of new clients is challenging. We get it. We’ve got you covered. Training Academy on ezbiz has all the sales tools you need to get ahead — and stay ahead. Read more.

4/18 Final Expense: Sales Bootcamp

With more than 10,000 people turning 60 everyday, you should be prepared to serve and protect them and the people they love.

Join us for a webinar on April 18th at 10am EST. Our Final Expense Sales Bootcamp will help you discover:

  • What a final expense policy does for the client
  • How to find and help people
  • Ways to successfully present a final expense program
  • Why everyone needs a final expense plan
  • How to convert a "no" into a "yes" Final expense life insurance is the fastest growing segment within the life insurance marketplace.

Our goal is to empower you to be confident while protecting seniors in your communities. Register now.

4/25 Life Lessons: Useful and Practical Sales Concepts with Industry Experts

The life insurance marketplace is forever evolving and reinventing itself. Join us for a webinar on the last Monday of every month at 10am EST to learn some "Life Lessons" with the industry expert. We will discuss sales and marketing concepts to help you grow your business while serving the people within your community. Register now.

4/26 P&C Playbook: Increase Agency Revenue Without Increased Expenses

According to market research, 36% of Americans intend to buy life insurance in the next 12 months. Another 16% say they need life insurance, but don't have any. That makes up 52% of the population. Join us for a webinar on April 26th, at 10am EST as we introduce to you a turnkey system to protect the lives of your customers and grow your revenue. 

This system is designed to:

  • Easily create an interest for life insurance
  • Provide a simple, fast, hands-free way for interested clients to obtain coverage 
  • Exclusive training for your existing staff without adding to the demands to what they do today.

You and your agency work hard to protect your clients and the assets they cherish and value. This webinar will show you how to protect their lives without the need for additional staff. Register now

5/2 Final Expense Monday Morning Motivator

If you’re looking to boost your sales and get involved in a fast-paced environment, the final expense marketplace is where it is at!  Final expense life sales is the fastest growing segment in the life insurance marketplace.  Join me, along with other final expense agents, as we cover the ever-evolving world of final expense life. 

During our monthly call, we will discuss:

  • Successes and challenges within the marketplace
  • Ways to overcome objections
  • Final expense carrier updates and changes
  • Various lead options
  • Marketing life to seniors

Together, we will help you meet your challenges head on and take the mystery out of final expense and make sales fun! Register now.

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