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Health Plan Options

Principal | Group Disability Insurance Features That Set Principal Apart

Disability insurance can be complex. And that’s why it’s important for clients to have a good handle on what’s in their disability contract. Just one word or phrase can make a big difference when – or if – an employee qualifies as disabled. Read more.

Capital BlueCross | New CDHP Vendor Change - What You Need to Know Now

As you know, we are in the process of transitioning our consumer-directed health (CDH) business from BenefitWallet to Further. The new platform will provide a Capital BlueCross-branded solution with enhancements that will improve your clients’ service and experience — with a better price! Read more

Highmark | Annual Group Client MSP/MLR Employee Count Collection Online Survey

Highmark wanted to make you aware that on 4/30/21-5/1/21, they sent a letter to all group clients (small, mid-large, regional, and national markets) that had active Highmark medical and/or drug coverage in 2020 in western, central, and/or northeastern Pennsylvania. The letter will direct all clients to complete a mandatory on-line Medicare Secondary Payer and Medical Loss Ratio (MSP/MLR) survey. This survey must be completed by May 24, 2021. Read more

Pennie | Join the Team 

What is Pennie you asked? Pennie is Pennsylvania’s state-based health insurance marketplace and the home for high-quality, affordable health insurance plans for the individual market. Pennie’s mission is to help Pennsylvanians get the coverage they need and to connect them with financial assistance to help lower their monthly costs. If you are interested in becoming a Pennie-Certified Broker. Read more.

Pennie | Savings to the Rescue – Pennie is Now Open with Increased Savings

As a result of the recent American Rescue Plan, also known as the COVID-19 relief package, provisions specific to the Affordable Care Act have impacted the way health insurance is available in Pennsylvania. Read more.

Pennie | What Effective Date Will My Client Receive?  

Check out this Special Election Period Quick Reference Chart. Read more.

Pennie News & Updates

Find out what's new with Pennie on our resources page, including downloads, links, and events. See more.

Highmark SEP Bonus

Check out this incentive program for new to Highmark ACA individual market enrollment with March – June effective dates. Payment will apply to total members, not contracts and will pay in July, 2021. There is no minimum requirement to be eligible and no cap to the incentive. Payout will apply to any SEP submitted with March – June effective dates. Read more

UPMC Health Plan | We Introduce “The Better Option” Producer Incentive for Individual Sales

UPMC Health Plan has two ways to help you earn incentives during Pennie’s COVID-19 special enrollment period (SEP). Enroll qualifying individuals between February 15 - May 15, 2021, with March - June 2021 effective dates, to qualify for the incentives below. Read more.

PrimePay | Innovative Strategies for ICHRA Benefit Plan Designs

Join PrimePay for this 45-minute webinar as they discuss how the Individual Coverage HRA (ICHRA) is affecting the financial landscape for employers and the availability of new choices for their employees. Register now.