Highmark Producer Notification for Dec. 31, 2015

Upon renewal, all members migrating from BCNEPA to Highmark will receive new ID cards, even if there haven't been changes to their coverage options. Read more.

2016 Product Information

Find all the current product information on our website. Read more.

CMS News for Agents/Brokers: Help Consumers Prepare for the 2015 Tax Season

The 2015 tax season started on January 1, 2016. Consumers may ask you for help with tax filing-related questions. Read more.

Many See I.R.S. Penalties as More Affordable Than Insurance

Clint Murphy let the deadline for getting health insurance by the new year pass without a second thought. Read more.

Missed opportunities abound in HSA usage

Just 5% of employees contribute the maximum allowable amount to their health savings accounts and only 4% invest any portion of their balance, suggests an analysis of more than 400,000 records from one of the nation’s largest HSA administrators. Read more.

Weekly PPACA Update Conference Call

In a continuing effort to assist our agent-partners in getting the information needed to flourish within the under 65 group and individual markets in Pennsylvania, we are holding weekly live webinars. They will serve as a place to get your questions answered and discuss topics and strategies that will lead to your continued success in the health insurance market. Register now.

Weekly PPACA Conference Call Archives

Click here to view the archived recordings of the PPACA Conference Calls.