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Medicare Offerings

2024 Braven AEP FAQ 

See questions and answers related to vision benefits, SMART card, pharmacy supplies, hearing benefits, diabetic supplies, general, and perscription. Read more

Braven HealthSM Smart Card Administration – 2023/2024

See detials on Healthy Rewards, OTC Benefits, Flex Benefits, and Fitness Benefits. You can see qualifying indicators as well as opportunities within each category. Read more

Medicare Advantage ads still under CMS scrutiny

Though CMS has implemented new restrictions on the types of advertisements third-party agencies can air, the federal agency and some lawmakers are eyeing further restrictions. Read more

Protect People with Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Coverage from Predatory Marketing

The Biden-Harris Administration is proposing important steps to strengthen Medicare Advantage and the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit Program (Part D). As part of his Bidenomics agenda, President Biden has worked to increase competition in the health care industry and other sectors, lower costs for families, and make sure every American has access to affordable, high-quality health care. Read more

Wellcare | Delayed New to Medicare Advantage True-Up Payments

CMS has not provided the files indicating whether an enrollment is New to Medicare Advantage (MA) for the month of November. Unfortunately, without those files we cannot issue the New to MA True-Up payments. Read more

Allstate | Elevate Rewards Program

Time is running out to earn 3,600 bonus points. Make 5 sales within your first 30 days with Allstate Health Solutions to qualify. Read more

Florida Blue | End of year broker contest 

Recognizing the dynamic landscape of marketing and compliance costs, which continue to increase due to ever-evolving regulations, we are thrilled to unveil an exciting initiative to support you. Read more

Enrollment To-Do List 

Each year CMS hands out new rules and regulations to abide by for the upcoming selling year. We have created this Enrollment To-Do List to help you remain compliant before, during and after your appointment with your Medicare clients. Read more