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Medicare Offerings

ACE Medicare Supplement | Med Supp Rate Adjustment

ACE Property & Casualty Insurance Company received approval in Virginia on 6/22/23 for the following rate increase: 5% for plans A and G; and 4% for plans F, G+ and N. Read more

Lumico | Med Supp rate adjustment on March 1st

Effective March 1, there will be a rate adjustment for Med Supp policies underwritten by Lumico Life Insurance Company (Lumico) in select states. Read more

1/23 Devoted: 2024 Broker Virtual Rollout Philadelphia

We are excited to Rock Enroll with you as we discuss our plans and benefits, network, technology and so much more! Whether we're new to your city or we've seen you in years' past, you won't want to miss out! Register now

1/29 Devoted: Ready 2 Sell

Join us for an exclusive webinar on January 29th at 10 am, where we'll delve into the remarkable success of Devoted, celebrating yet another record-breaking year with an outstanding 53% surge in AEP application volume. Witness the expansion of Devoted's influence across 13 states, now including Pennsylvania, with special emphasis on two of these states—Ohio and Florida—recognized for their exceptional 5-star Special Enrollment Periods (SEPs). See details on key benefits including: 

  • Dental 
  • Vision 
  • Hearing 
  • Gym Membership 
  • OTC 

Gain valuable insights into Devoted's extraordinary growth and discover how their commitment to excellence sets them apart in the health insurance industry. Register now

1/30 Devoted: Membership & Enrollment Period training

Join us on January 30th at 11am EST to learn how to maintain your membership and also more information on enrollment periods. Register now

2/22 Capital Blue Cross: Lunch & Learn

Capital is now the first and only non-Geisinger insurance carrier to offer full, in-network Medicare access to all Geisinger facilities, including the prestigious Geisinger Medical Center in Danville. This means more options for your Medicare clients in this territory! It's a prime opportunity to grow your book of business during the Open Enrollment Period. Join us at URL Insurance Group while Capital Blue Cross reviews the products and opportunities in this region. Meet the CBC team and the URL staff. Register now

Allstate | Elevate Rewards Program

Time is running out to earn 3,600 bonus points. Make 5 sales within your first 30 days with Allstate Health Solutions to qualify. Read more.