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Bestow | Your Guide to Instant Underwriting 

Bestow's digital application is super fast and easy, with instant-decision underwriting for every applicant. In real time, we analyze thousands of data points to determine if a Bestow policy offer can be made. Read more.

Cincinnati Life | Voluntary Payroll Deductions - Easy Access to Life Insurance

As an employee, you can purchase life insurance for yourself, your spouse, dependents and grandchildren at the cost and amount of coverage you choose through our simple and flexible payroll deductions program. Read more.

Foresters | Life Insurance Policy Review Kit

Life insurance can be one of the most important financial protection tools for your clients. Yet as of 2021, 102 million adult consumers lack sufficient coverage. When did you last speak to a client about their life insurance needs? Read more.

Foresters | Try This New Quoting App

On March 31, 2022, and will be redirected to the new Take a sneak peek and bookmark the page today. Read more.

Illinois Mutual | BE + ROP = We're the One and Only

Small business owners are short on time. They want every cent they spend to make sense. Our Business Owner flyer (C9713) helps you build value and get straight to the point when you present: Disability income insurance (DI); Business expense insurance (BE); and The Return of Premium (ROP) Rider. Read more.

John Hancock | The Story Behind John Hancock's Crediting Rate Increase 

John Hancock recently announced a 30-basis-point crediting-rate increase on all our Protection UL and Protection SUL policies. With a disciplined investment strategy backed by in-depth experience, we consistently deliver leading customer value — even through challenging markets — to our Protection UL and Protection SUL policyholders. Read more.

Legal and General | Help Your Clients Get The Coverage 

Accelerate the process of buying life insurance for your clients with the Horizon Experience. With our advanced technology and decreased cycle times, we've made it quicker than ever for clients to obtain coverage. Read more.

Legal and General | More Clients Protected in Less Time 

We've expanded eligibility for exam-free approvals to get your clients covered even faster when using our digital application. And with our built-in accelerated underwriting, we've made it faster than ever for them to obtain coverage. Read more.

Life Happens | Introducing Disability Insurance Awareness Month 2022

Life Happens created and coordinates the Disability Insurance Awareness Month (DIAM) campaign every May because disability insurance is arguably the most misunderstood of all major insurances. This year’s theme is: Rethink disabilities. Rethink disability insurance. Read more.

Lincoln Financial | The Lincoln Leader 

In this edition of the Lincoln Leader see topics including: Lincoln to No Longer Offer Administrative Services of Newly Submitted Cases Through LifeComp; New York MoneyGuard Product Suspension; Tax Returns and Tax Season; Important New York Situs Reminders; and New Life Unified Application Launching March 28, 2022 (reprint). Read more.  

Lincoln | Rewards Plus Program

Lincoln Rewards Plus is a turnkey program combining: An executive bonus plan; Powerful product solution; Turnkey administration; Lincoln will waive LifeComp fees for this program. Read more.

North American | WriteAway Expansion and Updated Policy Change Forms

North American is excited to announce that more cases can now qualify for WriteAway, our accelerated underwriting program. The maximum face amount for ages 51-60 is doubling from $500,000 to $1 million! The maximum face amount for ages 18-50 will remain at $2 million. Also, North American has recently updated two Policy Change forms. Read more.

North American | Newsletter 

This month’s newsletter is designed to help you reach more clients through business-building social media content, tools to help grow your business, and more! North American is here to support you and your business in 2022. Read more.

Pacific Life | Planning for Chronic Illness with Life Insurance 

Your clients buy life insurance to protect the policy's beneficiaries from the financial impact of the insured's death. And through optional riders life insurance may also provide financial protection for chronic illness by accelerating a portion of the death benefit as annual or monthly payments. Read more.

Protective | Know What Matters - Newsletter

In this edition read topics including: Protective Velocity focus: Automating issue; Coming soon: Protective® Classic Choice term in NY on iGO!; and Changes to forms. Read more.

Protective | The New TeleLife Process is Easier and Faster 

For EZ-App users, TeleLife just made it easier to ensure customers get and stay engaged in the underwriting process. When they complete a portion of the interview online, you're one step closer to helping them reach their protection goals. Read more.

Prudential | Surprise! You've Got a Tax Bill 

If their retirement portfolios aren’t diversified from a tax perspective, they might be … and end up paying more than expected. Use the NEW Retirement Strategies Tax Challenge Tool with clients to see how their retirement portfolios stack up. Read more.

American-Amicable/ Occidental | 2023 Convention - Buenos Aires, Argentina  (qualify through 12/31)

From January 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022 you will have the opportunity to qualify for 4 - 5 nights in Buenos Aires, Argentina with American-Amicable's 2023 convention. Club “40”, which includes the top 25 Producers and the top 15 IMOs and/or General Agents, will receive special recognition and awards. Read more.

American National | Super Cash Q1 Bonus (qualify through 3/31)

From January 1, 2022 - March 31, 2022 is your chances to get up tp $3,000 in bonuses! Plus, double the conference credit. Read more

Americo | Earn Additional UFirst Credits with Agent Tools eApp (qualify through 5/31)

From March 1, 2022 through May 31, 2022, any final expense application submitted and paid through the new Agent Tools eApplication will receive an additional 25% UFirst Credits. Earn 45,000 UFirst Credits during the qualification period and receive a cash bonus in June! Read more.

Foresters | Foresters Financial Convention 2023 (qualify through 12/31)

From January 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022 your Foresters Financial production efforts can earn you the chance to celebrate your crowning achievement in Vienna and Prague April 21 - 26. Read more.

Liberty Bankers | 2023 Norwegian Cruise (qualify through 12/31)

From January 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022 qualified agents have a chance to win a Norwegian Cruise in 2023 from July 22nd through 29th. Read more

Life Markets Leads Program

Do you need leads? We have access to fresh, exclusive, leads within your own defined territory. Read more.

Transamerica | 2023 Convention - Montage Palmetto Bluff (qualify through 12/31)

From January 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022 qualified agents have the chance to join Transamerica in 2023 between April 17 - 21st in Bluffton, SC at Montage palmetto Bluff. Make us your carrier of choice in 2022 and reap the rewards in 2023!  Read more

Americo | March Agent Training Schedule 

Join us in March to find out all the exciting things going on with Americo's Home Mortgage Series, Final Expense and Annuity products and how these enhancements can help you grow your business. See how your production counts towards earning you a Cash Bonus in June! Register now

Foresters | Get In Front of More New Clients

Get the tools you need to reach new clients and help more people. Getting in front of new clients is challenging. We get it. We’ve got you covered. Training Academy on ezbiz has all the sales tools you need to get ahead — and stay ahead. Read more.

Illinois Mutual | Growing Your Business Virtually

Look no further than our live training sessions to help you take advantage of training virtually. We’ll cover a wide variety of topics and show how you can sell our disability income insurance (DI) products successfully. Register now

Transamerica | 2022 Advanced Markets Webinar Series 

Let’s face it, estate planning tends to be boring, time consuming, and complex. And with the current estate tax exclusion, some financial professionals feel estate planning impacts fewer and fewer people. Truth be told, estate planning isn’t just for the wealthy – it impacts every client you have. This presentation and the accompanying materials are designed to provide you with fundamental knowledge of must-know estate planning concepts. Register now

3/7 Final Expense Monday Morning Motivator

If you’re looking to boost your sales and get involved in a fast-paced environment, the final expense marketplace is where it is at!  Final expense life sales is the fastest growing segment in the life insurance marketplace.  Join me, along with other final expense agents, as we cover the ever-evolving world of final expense life. 

During our monthly call, we will discuss:

  • Successes and challenges within the marketplace
  • Ways to overcome objections
  • Final expense carrier updates and changes
  • Various lead options
  • Marketing life to seniors

Together, we will help you meet your challenges head on and take the mystery out of final expense and make sales fun! Register now.

3/10 North American | Demystifying IUL Series: IUL Mechanics (Part 1)

Confused on how indexed universal life insurance (IUL) really works? Join, Tom Martin, Senior Life Product & Competition Analyst, for our Demystifying IUL Series. Part one will cover IUL mechanics and the basic functionality of IUL Products. Register now.

3/24 North American | Demystifying IUL Series: Index Credits (Part 2) 

Don’t miss the second installment of the Demystifying Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL) series. Join, Tom Martin, Senior Life Product & Competition Analyst, to find out how index credits work on IUL Products. Register now.

3/28 Life Lessons: Useful and Practical Sales Concepts with Industry Experts

The life insurance marketplace is forever evolving and reinventing itself. Join us for a webinar on the last Monday of every month at 10am EST to learn some "Life Lessons" with the industry expert. We will discuss sales and marketing concepts to help you grow your business while serving the people within your community. Register now.

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