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AIG | How to Successfully Work with Individual Generations

See AIG's quick reference guide based on individual generations. Read more.

American National | See the Competitive Difference in Term and Term Conversion. 

We reviewed 15 companies’ term policies to show you product features American National has made a priority to provide your clients. Check out how competitive our prices are against the rest! Read more.

American National | See How Living Benefits are Changing Real Lives 

In insurance terms, Living Benefits are Accelerated Benefit Riders (ABRs) which provide the option of receiving a partial or full accelerated life insurance benefit if the insured experiences a qualifying medical condition. A Living Benefit can mean the freedom to make choices, provide for a family, and peace of mind. Read more

Ameritas | Speed up the Application Process

We all want life insurance applications to move through the process as smoothly as possible. There are items that agents often miss on applications that, if filled out completely, can help speed up the process. In our 'Underwriting Minute' training series, our Vice President of Underwriting, Robyn Wallner discusses some common mistakes that prevent us from reaching that goal, and how you can help avoid them. Read more

Assurity Life | A Sellers Guide to Disability Income

Assurity didn’t get into the disability income insurance market; we helped build it. As a leader in the disability income insurance space, our expertise will help you streamline your workflow and close sales easier than ever before. This guide will give you everything you need to target the right prospects, make connections and sell more. Read more.

Banner Life | Customizing and Stacking Term Riders on a Term Policy 

Stacking 10, 15 or 20 years of term coverage on top of a base policy may be the most cost-effective way for your clients to buy term life insurance. No additional policy fees or charges for term riders means clients can save money when compared to purchasing multiple policies or one large policy. Read more

Cincinnati Life | Cross-Selling Business Succession Planning With Commercial Line Clients  

A case study on business succession planning: A cross-selling scenario. Read more

Cincinnati Life | Accelerate Your Service: E-Delivery Now Available 

Cincinnati Life’s e-delivery process can save you time and enhance your client’s experience. AlphaTrust provides a safe and flexible solution powered by iPipeline to deliver documents and collect client signatures quickly and securely. Read more.

Foresters | Life Insurance in College Planning

A case study on life insurance and college planning. Read more.

Life Happens | Social-Media Posts from Life Happens for May’s Disability Insurance Awareness Month

Life Happens has created a social-media post for each weekday during May’s Disability Insurance Awareness Month Campaign, plus a few holidays. These posts and graphics can be used on social-media sites or in other marketing outreach that makes sense. Feel free to use as-is or modify to fit your marketing, branding or compliance needs. Read more.

National Guardian Life | Underwriting Guide Update 

As part of the recent product enhancements that took place on April 1, 2021 in 38 states, we have released an updated Underwriting Guide dated 03.21. The new guide reflects the new Premier rate class structure, has added items based on your feedback and has more conditions listed in greater detail. Read more.

North American | Your April North American Newsletter

Check out the April Newsletter with articles including; Client-friendly blog post; Let the numbers do the talking; NEW Strength and Stability brochure; Webinar series: Help to grow your life insurance business; eBusiness Solutions Updates and more. Read more

Protective Life | Indexed Choice UL

Did you know that Protective's IUL could provide your clients with more value at year 20 than what you're currently offering them? That's because we take the long view with our products. We illustrate our responsibly designed Protective Indexed Choice UL with a more realistic rate and keep policy expenses low. The result? Your clients are more likely to get the benefits they expect, and more - like longer guarantees and greater cash value potential. Read more

Prudential Life | Winning With Financial Wellness for Women 

A resource guide to help you grow your business with a focus on women. At Prudential, our mission is to make lives better by promoting financial wellness. Focusing on the power of women in support of this mission makes sense because of the important role they play in our economy. Read more.

SBLI | An Accelerated Underwriting Process With No surprises 

Discover how the speed, consistency and convenience of SBLI’s Accelerated Underwriting (AU) process can be the difference between business as usual and unusually good business! Read more

Transamerica | Final Expense: A Simpler Application Process

We’re introducing a new, simplified ICC paper application that’s half the size of our old one. Plus, it reduces completion times and improves underwriting for a faster, more streamlined experience for you and your clients. Read more

Ameritas | Independent Distribution Loyalty Program 

Thank you for working hard every day to help your clients enjoy life at its very best by reducing uncertainty and protecting what's most cherished. In appreciation of your efforts, Ameritas provides an extra incentive when you submit Ameritas FLX Living Benefits Term and Index Universal Life applications. Read more

Lincoln | Rewards Plus Program

Lincoln Rewards Plus is a turnkey program combining: An executive bonus plan; Powerful product solution; Turnkey administration; Lincoln will waive LifeComp fees for this program. Read more.

Life Markets Leads Program

Do you need leads? We have access to fresh, exclusive, leads within your own defined territory. Read more.

North American | Upcoming Webinars for the Month of April

Check out North Americans webinars on topics including; Illustrating product and popular sales concepts; Illustrating product and popular sales concepts; and Powerful ways to increase leads through your website. Register now.

Lincoln | Closing the Coverage Gap

In the April 2021 episode of the ONEmeeting, Steve Sabol, CMS Creative Director, and his guests explored:

• the proposed infrastructure bill and potential opportunities,
• the new Help Protect Our Families campaign from LIMRA* and how you can leverage it to grow your business, and
• how solving one need more efficiently can free up resources to solve other needs.

Register now.

5/3 Final Expense Monday Morning Motivator

If you’re looking to boost your sales and get involved in a fast-paced environment, the final expense marketplace is where it is at! Final expense life sales is the fastest growing segment in the life insurance marketplace. Join along with other final expense agents, as we cover the ever-evolving world of final expense life.

During our monthly call, we will discuss:

  • Successes and challenges within the marketplace
  • Ways to overcome objections
  • Final expense carrier updates and changes
  • Various lead options
  • Marketing life to seniors

Together, we will help you meet your challenges head on and take the mystery out of final expense and make sales fun! Register now.

5/11 Lincoln | OPERATION: Growth Opportunity

More information coming soon. Register Now

5/18 Final Expense and Medicare - A Complete Package

Final expense and Medicare are a perfect combo! Why not offer your clients both? Join our training on May 18th at 1pm EST to learn from our special guest who is a master at being THE senior market specialist.

They will discuss:

  • How to grow your business and residual income all at the same time
  • Compliant business practices
  • Ways to solidify your client relationships and customer loyalty
  • Blocking out your competition

If you are just selling final expense or just selling Medicare, this web-training is for you! Don't miss it! Register Now

5/24 Life Lessons: Useful and Practical Sales Concepts with Industry Experts

The life insurance marketplace is forever evolving and reinventing itself. Join us for a webinar on the last Monday of every month at 10am EST to learn some "Life Lessons" with the industry expert. We will discuss sales and marketing concepts to help you grow your business while serving the people within your community. Register now

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