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Cigna’s Express Scripts And Big Blue Cross PBM In Major Deal To Tame Drug Costs

Cigna’s Express Scripts pharmacy benefit management unit and a PBM owned by 18 Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans have joined forces to tame drug costs for a massive client list that covers 100 million people. Learn more.

Democrats and Republicans promised to lower drug prices. Instead they've gone up again

Drug makers hiked prices on hundreds of medications for 2020, just weeks after the Trump administration advanced efforts to curb rising drug costs by importing medicine from abroad but legislation stalled in Congress. Learn more.

Supreme Court orders quick response in Obamacare challenge

The Supreme Court on Monday ordered the Trump administration and states challenging Obamacare to respond by Friday to an appeal filed by defenders of the health care law. Learn more.

Blue states and House of Representatives urge Supreme Court to review lower court ruling that cast doubt on Obamacare

A California-led coalition of other Democratic states, as well as the District of Columbia and the House of Representatives, asked the Supreme Court on Friday to review a lower court decision that cast doubt on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, in a pair of petitions. Learn more.


Executives expect consumerism and health coverage affordability to be major trends in the new decade. Learn more.

Pharmaceutical companies celebrated New Year's by raising the prices on more than 250 drugs

Drugmakers including Bristol-Myers Squibb, Gilead Sciences, and Biogen hiked US list prices on more than 50 drugs on Wednesday, bringing total New Year's Day drug-price increases to more than 250, according to data analyzed by the healthcare research firm 3 Axis Advisors. Learn more.

There is no free lunch — even in health care

Obamacare was supposed to fix all of this — so why are so many Americans still uninsured, even when they qualify for subsidized and even free insurance? Learn more.


As part of a 1.4 trillion dollar spending package the Senate passed Thursday afternoon and which President Donald Trump has said he'll sign, three taxes that were created to fund the Affordable Care Act are set to be repealed. Learn more.

1/29 CPAHU Meeting-FREE for CPAHU Members!

Join us for this timely presentation on mental health brought to you by Aetna's Chief Psychiatric and Innovation Officer, Hyong Un, MD. Learn more.

5/11-5/12 What is the PAHU State Expo?

Register for pahu state expo on may 11, 2020 to may 12, 2020. Learn more.

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