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Health Plan Options

UPMC AnywhereCare OffersVirtual Access to Low Cost Care

To get access to high-quality care from home, work,or anywhere in-between, your account's employees can use UPMC AnywhereCare. Read more.

The Affordable Care Act is more popular now than when Obama was president

Obamacare appears to have become more popular since Barack Obama left office. Read more.

Outpatient Costs Push Spending in Employer-Sponsored Health Plans

Employer-sponsored health plans spent $5,892 per plan member in 2018, most of which went towards emergency department visits and other outpatient services, according to a report produced by the Health Care Cost Institute (HCCI). Read more.

Study: ‘No Clear Rationale’ for 45% of Medicaid Antibiotic Prescriptions

Millions of Medicaid patients are being prescribed antibiotics for no clear reason, according to a new study from Northwestern Medicine. Read more.

House Democrats' Capitulation on Surprise Billing Proves They'll Never Pass 'Medicare for All'

At the NBC presidential debate in Las Vegas, Democratic candidates made all sorts of promises about how they’ll use federal power to reduce the cost of health care, either through “Medicare for All” or a “public option.” Read more.

3/13 URL Coffee Chat | Get to know Michelle Folk and Geisinger Health Plan

Did you know that Geisinger's network has expanded and they are currently offering the highest compensation in the area? Join us for a URL Coffee Chat on March 13, 2020 at 10:30 AM to learn more. Learn more.

3/19 URL Coffee Chat | Get to know Chris Gardner, Brad Wiseman and MetLife

MetLife has an incredible reputation in the industry for great service and great products. Join us for a URL Coffee Chat on March 19, 2020 at 10:30 AM to learn more about how you can add these products to your sales process and further protect your group from unexpected claims. Learn more.

3/25 Aetna Senior Supplemental & Ancillary Training

Join us for a seminar at our office on March 25th at 10am with Aetna Senior Supplemental to learn about their vast portfolio of products to better serve your clients. Learn more.

3/26 Meet with Dena McVicker from Colonial Life to review your block for opportunities!

Colonial Life offers worksite products to compliment your group health sales and presenting the options to your group health client is as easy as making an introduction. Make your appointment with Dena McVicker to review your block of business for opportunities now. Learn more.

5/11-5/12 What is the PAHU State Expo?

Join us in Lancaster, PA for our PAHU State Expo! Learn more.

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