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Opportunity for agents/brokers to be in Walmart stores for plan year 2017 Open Enrollment

Last year during Open Enrollment 2016, agents and brokers enrolled consumers in Marketplace plans at a variety of retail locations, including Walmart stores across the country. Read more.

CMS Announces Change to Marketplace Income Verification Procedure

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has announced a change to the procedure used in federally facilitated Health Insurance Marketplaces to verify the household income of applicants requesting financial assistance. This change will be in place prior to the start of open enrollment for plan year 2017. Learn more.

Aetna SG ACA Termination Policy Update October 1, 2016 ***CRITICAL UPDATE***

As an important Small Group partner, we want to keep you informed of upcoming policy changes. Starting October 1, we must receive written confirmation of customer renewal acceptance in advance of the customer renewal date for all Aetna small groups. Read more.

Aetna | Updated DE, PA and WV ACA SG new business submission dates and termination policy

To help members use their benefits effectively and get the care they need, we must make sure that they’re enrolled by their effective dates. Read more.

GOP-led states reject Obama administration's proposed limit of short-term health plans

Republican-led states are pushing back on a federal proposal to limit the use of short-term health plans. Read more.

Beyond 'Obamacare': State Initiatives Refocus Health Debate

Moving beyond "Obamacare," political activists are looking to state ballot questions to refocus the nation's long-running debate over government's role in health care. Read more.

Where low-income insurance options improved, so did results

In states that expanded either their Medicaid programs or private insurance options for low-income Americans, beneficiaries used more outpatient and preventive care and less emergency care, and they had better subjective overall health, compared to low-income residents of states with no expanded coverage. Read more.

Pharma dollars back patient groups that oppose Medicare Part B overhaul

After the Obama administration proposed overhauling Medicare Part B earlier this year, a plethora of patient advocacy groups quickly expressed opposition. Read more.

Aetna judge hands off Anthem merger case to speed trials

The judge overseeing two U.S. cases challenging mergers among four of the biggest health insurers gave up one, improving the odds for rulings on both tie-ups by the end of the year and reducing the chance they fall apart beforehand. Read more.

New ACA regulations require online accessibility

There has been a proliferation of ADA lawsuits alleging that websites are not accessible to the blind or deaf. Individuals who are blind or have low vision may require assistive devices and specialized software to access the Internet. Read more.

Surprise! New Study Shows ObamaCare Caused Massive Increases in Premiums…

Premiums have been skyrocketing. Odds are your premiums, your family’s premiums, and your dog’s premiums, have gone up. Because hooray, healthcare for all. Read more.

Anthem to Federal Government: Approve Merger and We’ll Expand to More Obamacare Exchanges

Despite projections that it’s losing money this year, Anthem offered to expand its business on Obamacare’s exchanges in nine states if the federal government allows the company to move forward with its merger with Cigna. Read more.

PinnacleHealth to open clinic focused on improving surgical outcomes

A new clinic, designed to support patients who are at high-risk for complications during orthopedic surgery, is opening this month in Harrisburg. Read more.

September 1st - Free Conference for Medicare Producers

There's only a few seats left for our Medicare Connections Connectionson September 1st. Join us in Hershey to get the first look at 2017 Medicare Advantage plans, network with other successful agents, and insurance carriers. Read more.

Avoid frustration in accessing the MLMS by turning off pop-up blockers

As noted in Tip 3 of the Plan Year 2017 Computer Configuration Requirements Quick Reference Guide, if you are having difficulty accessing the plan year 2017 registration training modules on the Marketplace Learning Management System (MLMS), you may be able to resolve the issue by enabling pop-up windows. Read more.

PrimePay New OT rules for FLSA and CMS mandatory data submission rules for Nursing Homes.

Did you know that the new FLSA OT rules will effect nearly 5 – 7 million employees. Are you prepared to have this conversation with your client’s? Read more.

New Information Available on REGTAP

View library updates on REGTAP. Read more.

Don’t forget to complete plan year 2017 FFM registration and training

Plan year 2017 Federally-facilitated Marketplace (FFM) agent and broker registration and training is now available on the CMS Enterprise Portal. Read more.

Registration for the Federally-facilitated Individual Marketplace (FFM) and the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) Marketplace

Plan year 2017 FFM agent and broker registration and training is now available on the CMS Enterprise Portal. Read more.

2017 FFM Certification Details – Testing now open!

Registration and training information. Read more.

Summary of CMS emails for week of July 18

This weekly email summarizes the content of emails distributed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to agents and brokers during the preceding week to keep you up-to-date on the Federally-facilitated Marketplaces (FFMs). Read more.

Weekly PPACA Update Conference Call

In a continuing effort to assist our agent-partners in getting the information needed to flourish within the under 65 group and individual markets in Pennsylvania, we are holding weekly live webinars. They will serve as a place to get your questions answered and discuss topics and strategies that will lead to your continued success in the health insurance market. Register once and you'll be signed up for all of the 2016 Weekly PPACA Conference Calls. Register now.

Weekly PPACA Conference Call Archives

Click here to view the archived recordings of the PPACA Conference Calls.