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  • 05/20  National Employee Health & Fitness Day
  • 05/27  Memorial Day

 *Global Employee Health and Fitness Month – Encourage healthy lifestyles and workplace wellness


  • 06/01  Tax Day
  • 06/19  Juneteenth
  • 06/21  Take Your Dog to Work Day

 *Mid-Year Benefits Review – Remind employees to take advantage of any eligible voluntary benefits
 End of Q2

Compliance Calendar

Broker Bulletin | May GHP Commercial Group and Individual

Hear from Geisinger Health Plan leadership, see value-based care: What does it mean? and from burnout to balance for brokers. Read more

Capital Blue Cross | May Producer Newsletter

See the latest on the Capital Blue Cross Producer Incentive+ Program rewards producers for renewals and new customers, Avalon Insurance Company Stop Loss Incentive+ Producer rewards program, Annual Producer Survey coming in May. Read more

Highmark | ACTION REQUIRED: Create a New Password for the Producer Portal

Highmark is committed to protecting sensitive information and remaining vigilant in a world with increasing cyber threats. We've taken action and recently informed you of new password requirements for the Producer Portal. Read more

Highmark | Operational Guidelines FAQ Now Available on the Producer Portal

Operational guidelines can be difficult to remember. To alleviate confusion and provide you with the option for self-service, we've compiled a list of questions that we routinely receive in our Broker Experience inbox along with detailed answers. The FAQ document includes information on commissions, statements, portal access and more. Read more

Highmark | Spring 2024 Producer Training Series Webinar Recordings & Slide Decks Now Available 

We just wrapped up our Spring 2024 Producer Training Series. If you were unable to attend, or want to revisit one of the topics, feel free to check out the recordings and slide decks available here. Read more

Highmark | Important Updates for Prescription Drug Coverage Effective July 1, 2024

Highmark continually reviews the most current research to ensure our members have access to the safest and most cost-effective treatment options. One of our most important concerns is the safe and effective use of prescription drugs for our members. As a result, there are two important changes coming effective July 1, 2024 – (1) Formulary Deletions and (2) Utilization Management Updates. Read more .

UPMC Health Plan | Spring 2024

This edition of the Quarterly Advantage newsletter contains important information and updates including details on the new Price Assure program, updates on June reporting requirements and specifics on broker commissions for Commercial 51-99 and 100+ market segments. Read more

Vitori Health | Your Clients Deserve Our Modern Health Plan with Exclusive Savings

Give your clients freedom of choice and better benefits at a lower cost with a state-of-the-science plan from Vitori Health. Our fully-integrated, next-generation platform for administering medical and pharmacy benefits is a win-win for brokers and their clients. Read more

Vitori Health | Use This Exclusive Calculator to Estimate Your Clients' Health Plan Savings

America's healthcare system is broken. And the impact on your clients’ fiduciary responsibility to control costs is significant. Employers need to take decisive steps to confront lingering inflation in a talent-driven market by taking a hard look at their approach to employee health benefits. Read more

Vitori Health | TNT Dynamite Web Series

Our game-changing Vantage plan delivers 3 years of renewal-free budget stability and a remarkably better member experience than legacy insurance carriers. Register for upcoming webinars to learn more about how a modern health plan can lower costs, improve benefits, stabilize spending, and deliver a remarkable member experience. Register now

Highmark | Trainings for all regions, group sizes & funding arrangements

Highmark is excited to announce the continuation of the Producer Training Series coming next month, April 2024. As in the past these webinars will be no more than 30 minutes and are designed to ensure producers have the most up-to-date information about Highmark. Register now

5/20 Turnkey Solutions for Employer Groups: Benefits Navigator App

Join PES & URL for a 4-part series on Turnkey Solutions for all of your Employer Groups. Within our Benefits Navigator App Part Four webinar we will go through: 

  • One stop shop for benefits 
  • White labeling Customizable tiles 
  • Ability to add enrollment tile for benefit admin system 
  • RX Savings tool built in Benefit wallet for cards 
  • Push notifications for improved communication Message Center

Discover how our Benefits Navigator App streamlines benefits administration with customizable features, ensuring seamless communication and significant cost savings for all your employer groups. Register now

5/22 CE Course*: Education and Enrollment of Voluntary Benefits

Join us for an insightful webinar on May 22nd at 10 am, where we'll delve into comprehensive plan options and effective strategies for maximizing enrollment success. Key Topics Include:

  • Integrity: what it is and why needed
  • Plan options and strategies
  • Pre-enrollment planning
  • Enrollment Strategies & Methods
  • Post Enrollment Communication
  • Annual Enrollment/True Open Enrollment

Don't miss this opportunity to refine your enrollment approach and achieve better outcomes. Register now to secure your spot! *CE is for PA Licenses only. Register now

5/29 Facebook 101

Unleash the power of Facebook for your business! Join Sarah Ortega (Marketing Manager) and Olivia Moore (Social Media Specialist) on May 29th at 10am EST and discover how to leverage social media to achieve your marketing goals. We'll break down the benefits of Facebook marketing, guide you through setting clear objectives, and explore strategies for building a strong brand presence. Learn how to create a winning content calendar, engage your target audience, and build a loyal following. Plus, we'll share valuable do's and don'ts to ensure your Facebook marketing efforts are a success! Register now.

6/11 Introducing Physicians Mutual Dental

Join us on June 11th at 10am EST for an exclusive webinar revealing why you should consider becoming appointed to sell Physicians Mutual Insurance today! Discover the unbeatable benefits of our Dental plans, including:

  • No deductible and NO annual max on cash benefits!
  • Enjoy 100% preventive coverage when visiting an in-network provider.
  • Our top-tier plan covers 70% for both Basic and Major services!
  • Experience an average nationwide savings of 36% when using an in-network dentist.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your insurance offerings and elevate your business. Register now

6/19 BlueCross BlueShield Global Lunch & Learn

Join us on June 19th at 11:30 am EST for an enriching Lunch and Learn seminar with BlueCross BlueShield Global. Delve into the dynamic world of corporate products capabilities and discover how BlueCross BlueShield Global is revolutionizing the industry. We will cover: 

  • Corporate Products
  • Capabilities
  • Questions to ask your clients to uncover Global opportunities.
  • Submissions
  • Commissions

We look forward to seeing you there! Register now

7/9 CE Course: Oral Systemic Connection

This course educates attendees about the mouth–body connection specifically how gum disease can have an impact on certain chronic conditions. Course topics include the incidence and prevalence of gum disease, the oral–systemic connection, United Concordia’s scientific research and conclusions, and how good oral health combined with the right dental benefits can attribute to overall good health. United Concordia’s research on the oral–systemic connection is the basis for which all dental plans are designed to compete in the marketplace. Brokers in attendance can expect to leave this course with the information to educate their clients on the importance of good oral health and match them with the right dental benefits to complete their health care package. Register now

Highmark | 2024 incentive (qualify through 1/1/25)

Introducing the 2024 new to Highmark incentive! This Incentive applies to Small Group (2-50) and Large Group (51+) clients in Pennsylvania. Read more

Highmark | Virtual Primary Care Program Incentive (qualify through 6/30/24)

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield is excited to offer an incentive program as a way to recognize your efforts in introducing Virtual Primary Care (VPC) through the ChristianaCare Center for Virtual Health to ASO group health clients. You can earn money for getting our ASO group health clients' members engaged with the VPC program. Read more

Jefferson Health Plans | Compensation Opportunity for 2024

See how you can earn a very healthy $60 bonus on each app with the Broker commission and bonus program. Also, as a reminder the $50 HRA is available for every application/member. Read more

UPMC Health Plan | Individual & family bonus program (qualify through 1/1/25)

UPMC Health Plan is pleased to announce a producer bonus program for those who enroll new members in UPMC Individual Advantage, UPMC VirtualCare or UPMC First Care plans with an effective date in 2024. Earn up to $100 per member! Read more

UPMC Health Plan | New business producer incentive program extended (qualify through 9/1/25)

If you sell any new employer group in the 51-99 or 100+ market segments with a May 1 to September 1, 2024, effective date, you will receive an incentive of $300 per contract. Read more

Pennie | Community Workgroup Newsletter

Starting this month, Pennie will be changing how we share information and updates with you. Information, reminders, and updates will be shared via email in the following newsletter format with information and links to help you assist customers through the Pennie process. Read more

Pennie | The Path to Pennie Program is back for those seeking coverage for 2024!

Pennie and the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue created a way for anyone without health coverage to be connected with Pennie when they file their taxes. Tax filers do so by filling out tax form ‘REV-1882 ‘Health Insurance Coverage Information Request’ when they complete their Pennsylvania state income tax return. Read more

Pennie | 2024 Assister & broker recertification due 

Pennie-Certified Assisters & Brokers must complete annual training to continue certification into 2024. Please note, customers cannot be restored after decertification. Read more

Pennie | Broker Workgroup