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Health Plan Options

Harrisburg Update 4-14-2022


HB 2515 (Farry) - Amends the Workers' Compensation Act, in interpretation and definitions, further providing for the definition of occupational disease. 


Co-sponsorship memos:

 HCO2891   Miller, Daniel (D) Requires that each wheelchair user in the commonwealth, whether publicly or privately insured, has access to two wheelchair maintenance well-visits per year covered by their insurance.

 HCO2875   Struzzi, James (R) Helps to ensure homecare patients get the support they need through personal assistance services and medical assistance program sustainability.

 HCO2876   DeLissio, Pamela (D) Creates the Pennsylvania Health Care Plan (PHCP) and sets out a blueprint of steps for healthier citizenry at a lower cost with no co-pays, deductibles, or premiums or concern about networks. Offers freedom and flexibility to choose providers.

 SCO1547   Flynn, Marty (F) (D) Requires health care providers to give notice to patients stating the timing of laboratory testing for Lyme disease may result in false negative or false positive result, and a negative result does not necessarily confirm the absence of it.

SCO1546   Laughlin, Daniel (R) Considers allowing medical cannabis patients to purchase their medicine in tested and regulated edible forms. Requires strict regulation on the packaging of edible forms to prevent children and other unauthorized persons from using it.