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Health Plan Options

Your clients are paying too much for prescriptions. Group health HMO/PPO employer sponsored plans offer the best coverage for prescription drugs, so when clients who have been covered this way the majority of their life try transitioning to a HSA or Medicare insurance it can be very eye-opening and expensive.

This is your target market for a prescription drug discount card. The discount card is free to you and your clients. It only takes a moment to sign up, or simply have cards pre-printed for convenience. If you are a group health agent and want to get your card out to thousands of employees, all you have to do is send a personalized link. The individual can sign up with your agent code, giving you the credit.

You'll earn $1 for every prescription picked up at the pharmacy using the discount card. GlicRx has created some compliant marketing pieces for you to use, and includes a direct relationship with VistaPrint for easy printing of your cards. The more you give out, the greater the opportunity to earn more. It’s a simple win-win for you and your clients.

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