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Medicare Offerings


Up to $1,200 each year for OTC benefits. Offering convenience, choice and value to

all Health Partners Medicare members. 



All Health Partners Medicare members can use their benefit allowance to purchase eligible over-the counter (OTC) medicines and health related items. With the Health Partners Medicare OTC card, members can use their OTC card at many participating retail locations, including several independent pharmacies, and for home delivery.


HPM’s OTC benefit offers members more choice, convenience and value than other carriers. Our OTC benefit allows members to shop in-store or online – an option many competitors do not offer.


HPM offers generous a quarterly allowance for all members:

·     Special: $300/quarter

·     Complete: $150/quarter

·     Prime: $150/quarter


Using the Benefit


In Person: Members can use their OTC benefit at many of the stores they already shop in! HPM’s OTC benefit is accepted at ACME, Giant Supermarkets, Rite Aid, CVS, Dollar General, Walgreens, Family Dollar and Walmart. Members can choose from multiple brands at a price that fits their needs. They also receive the benefits of sales and other in-store promotions. Members should present their OTC card at the register every time they make a purchase, and swipe with confidence!


Online: Members can also shop online if they want to! To shop online, members should go to The first time they access the Convey website, they will need to create a username and password.


By Phone: Members can shop by phone, too – now that’s convenience! Members can order OTC items over the phone by calling Convey at 855-858-5937 (TTY 711). Orders can be placed Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 11 p.m.


How the Benefit Works

At the beginning of every calendar quarter, the reloadable OTC card is loaded with the quarterly OTC amount, according to the member’s plan. This is done on January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1.


Unused balance does not carry over. This benefit is a use-it or lose-it benefit. Members are encouraged to spend the full amount before the end of each quarter.


Don’t throw out your card. HPM does not send new cards at the start of each quarter, so members should keep their card. Members do not need to request a new one unless it is lost.


More details: The quarterly OTC allowance can be used to purchase Medicare-approved OTC items from the catalog. OTC items may only be purchased for the enrollee, not family members or friends. Some OTC items may be covered through Medicare Part B medical or Part D prescription drug coverage. The catalogs are posted online at




If you have any questions about any of our benefits, please contact Tom at or Alexus at


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