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Helping ClientsUnderstandEFT and e-Bill Payments



Electronic Funds Transfers and e-Bill are safe, secure, convenient ways for members to pay their monthly premiums. We've pulled together some talking points to ease concern and confusion about these payment options.



Information about signing up for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and e-Bill is included with each Member's first premium bill. At Highmark Senior Markets, we typically encourage all of our Members to pay their monthly premiums via one of these services. However, we've recently received feedback that Members are confused about the timing of withdrawals and are worried about being double billed.

  • After signing up for EFT or e-Bill, monthly premium payments are automatically deducted from the Member's checking or savings account on the first day of each month.
  • Once an EFT or e-Bill application has been received by Highmark, it can take 45-60 days to become effective. 
  • During this processing period, Members should continue to pay invoices as they are received. 
  • Members will receive a letter from Highmark indicating their EFT or e-Bill has been activated prior to their first deduction.
  • If there is an outstanding balance at the time of their first deduction, that amount will be added to the total invoice to bring the Member up-to-date.



A Note About SSA Premium Withholding Cut-off Dates

  • CMS issues a monthly "Plan Data Cut-off" date each month for premium withholding, which is not the same date each month. 
  • A copy of CMS's 2022 MARx Operations Plan Calendar can be found by clicking here. The Plan Data Cut-off date for each month is highlighted in purple.
  • If the member’s application is processed on or after this date the Premium Withholding request cannot be submitted for the effective date of the application and will be submitted with the next month’s effective date. This is stated in the letter sent to Members.

We've recently heard from brokers that they submitted Premium Withholding requests after CMS's monthly Plan Data Cut-off date, and as a result members received letters from Highmark stating their deductions had been denied. 

  • This letter refers only to the initial Premium Withholding request being submitted to CMS at the time of the enrollment application and not the effective date of the plan itself.
  • The Member will receive invoices until the Premium Withholding request has been approved by CMS.  
  • If the Premium Withholding request is denied by CMS the Member will receive a different letter indicating that denial and they will continue to receive invoices.