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Self-insured plans are now available to more group customers!

We’re excited to announce Aetna Whole Health – WellSpan plans are now available on a self-insured basis to plan sponsors with membership in York and Adams counties.

What you should know

  • Aetna and WellSpan Health (WellSpan) are now offering self-funded plan arrangements to groups with 150 or more employees
  • The same clinical programs and WellSpan Provider Network physicians featured through our fully-insured products are part of our self-funded plans
  • As with our fully-insured offerings, Aetna Whole Health – WellSpan plans can be made available alongside plans that offer access to Aetna's complete network of providers

A new way of looking at health care

When Aetna and WellSpan team up, it can be as good for your employees as it is for your bottom line. That’s because we’ve designed Aetna Whole Health plans to:

  • Encourage members to use WellSpan Provider Network physicians who are rewarded for improving care quality
  • Lower medical cost growth over time by reducing waste, improving care coordination and closing care gaps
  • Enhance each patient’s experience with innovative care management programs
  • Support effective patient and primary care doctor relationships

That’s member-focused, doctor-driven health care.

For more information on Aetna Whole Health – WellSpan plans, contact your
Aetna representative today.

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