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Aetna Funding Advantage new sales quoting and underwriting updates

With Aetna Funding Advantage, your clients can depend on a predictable monthly payment, the protection of stop-loss, and an opportunity for cost savings. So why wait?
Start quoting AFA illustrative rates today for 4th quarter including December. And as of August 15, you can get medically underwritten rates for December 1 effective dates.
Quoting is even easier now
Our three-step quoting process is already designed to be simple. An added bonus? GRX underwriting is down to 20 enrolled effective immediately. That means Individual Medical Questionnaires are only required for groups with no prior coverage and groups with less than 20 employees. Take a look at our complete underwriting guidelines here.
Want to get started? Submit a quote today:

  • All 10-50 quote requests for PA and WV and 16-50 for DE can be sent to: 10-100AFAQuotes@aetna.com
  • All 51-100 quote requests can be sent to: NE51-100QuotePrescreen@aetna.com

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact your Aetna representative.

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