Capital BlueCross UPDATE Waiver of Group Health Insurance

The Waiver of Group Health Insurance Coverage form is now available in Spanish (C-69sp). Click here to read more.

IRS Released 2016 Health Savings Account Details

This revenue procedure provides the 2016 inflation adjusted amounts for Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) as determined under § 223 of the Internal Revenue Code. Click here to read more.

Weekly PPACA Update Conference Call

*There will be no PPACA Conference Call on May 21st.

In a continuing effort to assist our agent-partners in getting the information needed to flourish within the under 65 group and individual markets in Pennsylvania, we are holding weekly live webinars. They will serve as a place to get your questions answered and discuss topics and strategies that will lead to your continued success in the health insurance market. Click here to register.

Weekly PPACA Conference Call Archives

Click here to view the archived recordings of the PPACA Conference Calls.

Risk Corridors Falling Short

A new analysis of the PPACA’s Risk Corridor program by Standard & Poor’s (S&P) indicates that the program may not be self-sufficient and that it may actually be considerably underfunded. Click here to read more.

Half of State Exchanges Underfunded

After years of help from the federal government to set up their exchanges, with nearly $5 billion awarded in grants for technology, staffing, and outreach, state-based exchanges are now on their own to cover their operations costs. Click here to read more.

AP-GfK Poll: Doubts on court's fairness in health law case

Many people in the United States doubt that the Supreme Court can rule fairly in the latest litigation jeopardizing President Barack Obama's health care law. Click here to read more.

White House Warns Insurers About Surcharges and Gaps for Contraception

The Obama administration on Monday put health insurance companies on notice that they must cover all forms of female contraception, including the patch and intrauterine devices, without imposing co-payments or other charges. Click here to read more.

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